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Mar 06, 2017
Home downsizing ideas in NZ

Many couples discover that once their children move out of home, their 200 to 300 square metre family home is suddenly too large for them. We have a lot of couples visiting our show homes looking for mid-sized homes for exactly this reason.

Most of these couples do not want a tiny house as the family still occasionally come home for visits and may bring grandchildren with them. They often also want the ability to accommodate friends or relatives visiting from overseas or out of town.

So while downsizing couples find they no longer need two living rooms, they generally still want enough space for when they entertain or the family comes to visit.

Having separation between the master bedroom and the guest bedrooms is also an important consideration. That way, when the baby grandchild cries in the night, Nana and Grandad won’t get woken up! It is also ideal when you have friends staying to be able to accommodate them in a separate area so everyone feels at home and has their privacy.

Two of our plans suit these needs perfectly. The first is the 169sqm Nikau which has the master bedroom and ensuite at one end of the home and the other bedrooms and bathroom at the opposite end.  The central living area is spacious with interconnecting lounge, dining, kitchen and family zones so that there is plenty of scope for everyone to relax.


Home ideas downsizing

For those that are not really ready to downsize too much we have the 220 square metre Rata home. The master bedroom and ensuite adjoin one end of the living space and the other three bedrooms and bathroom are located in a separate wing on the other side of the home. Once again this allows everyone to have their own space and privacy.

Big windows and doors will make a smaller home look bigger and our homes are all designed with that in mind. Creating indoor/outdoor flow and outdoor rooms is another way of providing additional space for entertaining.

It is also sensible to consider any needs for the future, for example, by making sure that all the doors are wide for easy access. If the budget allows, it is an excellent plan to include a wet area or easy access shower in the ensuite so that if your physical needs do change in later years you can remain in your home.

A smaller section can be a great idea too, as you don’t need that cricket pitch anymore and you want more time to enjoy life! If you are planning on buying a camper van and doing some traveling (as many couples we talk to are), you will want to include provision on your section for parking your vehicle.

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