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Feb 01, 2018
Kit homes Fiji

Fraemohs Homes is continuing to develop its strong ties with the Pacific Islands, through a new partnership with Pacific Property Solutions.

Fraemohs has always had strong ties with the Pacific Islands, with one of the company’s first major contracts being to supply accommodation for mine workers in New Caledonia. Since then, Fraemohs has provided kitset homes for Pacific Island clients as well as bures for guest accommodation at luxury resorts in Fiji and Niue.

The new relationship between Fraemohs Homes and Pacific Property Solutions (PPS) presents an exciting opportunity for both companies to have a positive impact on the construction industry in Fiji.

PPS Directors Gareth Williams and Julie Webb were motivated to start PPS in July 2017 after being approached by Fiji-based home builders who had been badly let down by local contractors. Gareth has a background in construction with 30 years experience as a consulting quantity surveyor and has been involved in a wide variety of construction projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

“Standards of workmanship and buildings materials can vary greatly in Fiji”, says Gareth.

“When Julie and I started looking for kitset options for our clients, we were impressed by the simplicity and strength of Fraemohs solid timber homes, which make them ideal for remote and off-grid locations. We also saw at once that the modern look and quality of the Timbermode designs held huge appeal.”

Gareth is a strong advocate for challenging traditional construction methods by rethinking design and introducing new approaches to construction. This philosophy aligns closely with Fraemohs Homes’ emphasis on innovation and offers the benefits of increased productivity, as well as a reduction in construction costs and material waste.

Recently PPS received a shipment of an Oakhaven Timbermode kitset home from Fraemohs Homes for a client who is building a home in the residential development of Pacific Harbour, which is around 45 minutes by car from Fiji’s capital, Suva. This client had originally had plans for his new home drawn up by an architect but had become extremely frustrated after being unable to negotiate a realistic agreement with local contractors to build the house.

The client was looking for a well-built home with a modern design and was impressed by the mono-pitched roof and modern design of Fraemohs Timbermode homes. He therefore decided to abandon his earlier plans and engage PPS to manage the build of an Oakhaven Timbermode kitset home (pictured top of page) on his Pacific Harbour site.

The client has generously agreed to allow his new home to be made available as a show home and Gareth says that the arrival of the new kitset is already causing a buzz around the Pacific Harbour community. So it may be the case that more homes by Fraemohs will be complementing the beautiful Fijian landscape in the near future.

If you are interested in building a home of your own in Fiji or anywhere in the Pacific Islands, don’t delay – get started today. Simply contact us using the contact form here, or you can email us direct on

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