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Feb 25, 2016
Insurance home settlements Christchurch earthquakes

Making The Most Of Your Home Insurance Claim

Five years after the devastating Christchurch earthquake of February 22nd 2011, many homeowners are still in the process of reaching agreement with their insurance company to enable them to rebuild their damaged homes. An insurance claim settlement is a common scenario, giving homeowners the freedom to choose what they want in their replacement home.

However, having reached this point at last, many homeowners have neither the time nor the energy to devote to project managing the construction of their new house. Add to that the fear of budget blow-outs following their home insurance claim and it can all seem very daunting.

If you are not sure where to start in planning your new home, a Timbermode home from Fraemohs Homes can be a great starting point and can be customised to suit. Our customers tell us that our design team is really great at translating a vague wishlist into a design that fulfils all of their requirements and more. Having our own manufacturing plant on site at our Kainga office makes it easy for us to create customised designs, using the same high quality materials.

Our selection centre at Kainga also allows you to choose the features of your new home all in the one place, eliminating the need to run all over town tracking down fixtures and fittings. We can even arrange after hours appointments to suit your schedule.

Once you have made all of the important decisions, you could easily go away on holiday while Fraemohs Homes is building your new house within your agreed build timeframe, as our online construction management programme allows you to log in from anywhere in the world to check on the progress of your project.

With our streamlined systems, nearly 50 years’ local experience, including on hill sites and TC3 land, and the added warmth, strength and durability of solid timber, Fraemohs Homes is the ideal option to help you make the most of your home insurance claim settlement.