New And Improved Fraemohs Home Plans

December 16, 2016

We’re always looking for ways to improve our home plans and give our clients the best, most comfortable spaces to live in. And so, after a lot of careful thought, we’ve made some improvements to our home range without the hike in price.

Homes with bigger bedrooms

There’s nothing worse than not having enough space in your bedroom for a decent-sized bed; not to mention no space for all your other furniture. So our first step in improving our home plans was to make most of our bedrooms larger. So now you’ll find most of the bedrooms in our homes are at least 3m by 3m.

Improvements to the Oakhaven

After some careful consideration, we felt that the living area in the Oakhaven was too tight and didn’t flow properly. So we’ve altered the sizing and layout to give our clients a more comfortable living space. View the updated Oakhaven plans here.

Introducing the Kowhai

Over the years, the Hawthorn has been a really popular home. But most of our clients ask us to build a garage of some sorts onto it. So we thought, why not add a new home plan to our range that includes the tweaks commonly associated with the Hawthorn? And so the Kowhai was born.

A brand new plan for us, the Kowhai is an evolution of the Hawthorn with the added bonus of a double or single garage. And our brilliant designer Larissa had the honour of naming it. View the Kowhai plan here.

Our larger Classic spec homes are cheaper

It goes without saying that improvements to the size and design of a home plan come with a change in price. However, because we’ve improved the ease of building of our homes, we’re proud to say that we haven’t had to increase our prices that much. And, in some cases, we’ve even reduced the price.

By negotiating with our suppliers, we’ve been able to make our larger Classic specification homes cheaper. Now that doesn’t happen too often in the construction world!

We’ve already updated our website with the sizes of our new and improved home plans. And the revised plans will be up there soon. But, in the meantime, if you want to see the new plans, email us and we’ll send them over.

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