Tips For A Warm, Dry Home

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Apr 12, 2017
Tips For A Warm, Dry Home In NZ

Here at Fraemohs we love autumn with its sunny but crisp days and the prospect of cosy nights in. It is neat to see mushrooms and toadstools springing up in the lush grass outside but no-one wants toadstools growing inside their homes! So here are some tips to help you enjoy a warm, dry home.

Nearly everything you do in your home creates moisture. For example, drying a load of clothes inside on a rack can add a whopping 5 litres of moisture to your home! So it is a good plan to dry your clothes outside if possible or otherwise use a dryer that is vented to take the moisture out of your home. This is something we like to mention to our clients when we build a home and we can help with venting for dryers if requested.

Keeping clean involves a lot of water so it is hardly surprising that having a shower or a bath will also add moisture to your home. At Fraemohs we install inline extractor fans above the showers in our homes. These work really well and it is very easy to tell if one of the family has forgotten to turn the fan on!

It is also important to use heating to keep your bathroom warm so the steam doesn’t condensate before it gets sucked outside. This is the reason that we install fan heaters in all our bathrooms as standard.

Cooking can add up to 3 litres of moisture to your home a day. Some good tips to reduce the impact of this are to use lids on saucepans and always turn on your rangehood extractor fan when cooking.

When it is chilly outside it is tempting to keep your windows shut, but it is really important to ventilate your home to eliminate excess moisture. Fraemohs Homes have aluminium windows with double-tongued window catches so you can have the windows open slightly making it easy to get air flowing through your home even on cold, windy days.

Finally, if you have a heat pump, you can use the dehumidifying function to help control the moisture level in your home. It is a good idea to use this setting every so often during winter to dry out your home.

If you follow the tips above, you should have a warm, dry home that is pleasant to live in and doesn’t harbour toadstools!

And for a comprehensive guide to creating a warm dry home which is also sustainable, read the 2018 Sustainable Building Report, available here.