For our Solid Timber homes we use an Australian product called Vacsol Azure for treating our Solid Timber homes (NB: this treatment is not required for our Timbermode range of homes). The wood is coated with special preservatives which protect it against decay and insects. This product is an eco friendly timber treatment because it is non-metallic. Some other methods of treating wood involve the use of metal compounds and there have been some concerns about the health risks and impact on the environment from using such metal-based timber treatments.

In view of the health concerns surrounding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be released by paint, we additionally choose to use Resene’s Zylone Sheen VOC Free paint in our homes.

Where we build

For builds in the Canterbury region we offer a full turnkey building service. Outside of this are we can supply a kitset.   Talk to one of the team to discuss how we can help you.


We have a guaranteed build time and as we are members of Master Builders we offer the Master Build Guarantee.

House and land packages

Sure do – please read this article on our home and land packages in our blog.

Subdivisions and land zones

We certainly do, we have been building on hill sites since we started building homes over 48 years ago.  We are also very experienced in building on TC3 sites.

You can in most subdivisions, the developers have covenants to maintain the quality of the subdivisions and we are happy to talk with the developer to ensure you get developers approval.

Selecting a home

Our original timber homes have been built for over 48 years, they are solid timber.  We now offer our Timbermode homes which are a cost effective way of getting a timber interior with a choice of exterior claddings.  They are built using conventional timber framing and can have plaster board interiors if you want.

House plans

Our plans have been designed by one of Australasia’s leading architects to optimise space and maximise sun. Minor changes to suit the site are able to be made, but there is a cost benefit to using one of our plans.

We have built all of our plans, sometimes with modifications.

The handover

Prior to handing the home over to you, a Notice of Inspection will have been completed by your Local Council. This means your home has been completed to Code Compliance Stage as per the Building Consent requirements. Under the Building Act 2004, all Territorial Authorities have 20 working days to issue a Code of Compliance Certificate. This does not preclude you from moving into your home but you should be aware that your Code of Compliance Certificate may not arrive prior to the expiration of this time frame.

If you are drawing down mortgage funds, your Bank will most likely require to see the Notice of Inspection, a copy of which your Project Supervisor will provide to you. If you wish to take possession prior to the Code of Compliance Certificate having been issued, you will also be required to sign an Agreement under Section 364(2) of the Building Act 2004. Please refer to clause 21 (Possession) of your Building Agreement. Your Project Supervisor will give you this Agreement prior to handover.

The build

In your building contract we include the start date and completion time for your build.


Absolutely. Building a new home is an exciting process and you are more than welcome to attend your site regularly. However, you will need to be accompanied by your Project Manager for safety reasons. There are a number of hazards associated with building your new home, which, if not carefully managed, could cause serious injury or worse to those that encounter them. Fraemohs Homes have a legal obligation to ensure that those hazards are identified and controlled.

A provisional sum is an amount of money that is recorded in your Building Agreement where we do not yet know the final cost, for example your kitchen. Once your choices have been finalised and a price confirmed you will receive either a credit back or an invoice for the difference. We will be happy to provide you with copies of any invoices received from suppliers should you so wish. Typically your Building Agreement will provide provisional sums for:

  • Foundation engineering/structural engineering services
  • Kitchen
  • Drainage
  • Utilities i.e. power/water
  • Council fees

Foundations can be a vast unknown and until such time as a Soil Investigation Report is completed and an Engineering Report received, we are unable to formally evaluate the cost of foundations or land remediation.


Fraemohs Homes carries company risk and public liability insurance cover for the duration of the build period. Once we hand the home over to you, that insurance will lapse and your private home insurance will take over. You will need to make sure that you arrange insurance cover well ahead of your handover date so that when the time comes your cover will be in place immediately.

On handover our Builders Risk Insurance will expire and you will become responsible for insurance on the house (and your contents in that house) from that point onwards. Please ensure you speak with your insurance company now to set up full comprehensive insurance cover on your home which needs to come into place as from the day of handover. Your insurance company will be able to provide you with the expert advice you require to ensure the correct insurance is put in place.

As a Master Build building company, Fraemohs Homes offers you a choice of Master Build Guarantees. The three choices available offer a variety of protection against loss of deposit, non-completion of build, rot and fungal decay, defects in materials, workmanship and structural. Cover will depend on the product and choices you select.