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Architectural homes

We often find that people come to us because they want a home that is a little bit different to your usual “production line” home. Often these people have already engaged an architect to design their home and had consent plans drawn up. However, upon taking their plans to a builder, they have been horrified to find that the price to build their architect’s design is double or even triple their budget. This is an expensive exercise for the homeowner who ends up with some very costly plans for an architectural home that they can’t afford to build.

Architectural homes, realistic prices

Because architects tend to work independently and are not involved in the costing of the build, this scenario occurs more often than you may think. A staggering 80% of architectural home plans never actually get built, because the design ends up being unaffordable for the client.

If you choose to build with Fraemohs Homes you get the advantage of a modern architectural home design that is different from the norm. Clients in Christchurch and Canterbury can access our full architectural design and build service, as can clients in Wanaka. While clients nationwide or overseas can choose from our architecturally designed Timbermode kitset homes, using a local builder of your choice or one recommended by us to assemble the home for you. Our Timbermode range of plans have been designed by one of Australasia’s leading architects and will work for the majority of sites. Each of these plans can be customised to suit your specific needs.

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Skilled advice helps maximise your budget
Just as importantly, we can give you clear advice on how much your chosen home design will cost to build. Our sales team work closely with our pricing team so right from the get-go we will work within your budget and let you know exactly what you can get for your money.

Understanding the cost implications
The people you will be dealing with understand the cost implications of various architectural design choices and can help guide you as to how you can achieve the end result you want in the most cost-effective way.


A beautiful architectural home, at a price you can afford


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Our approach is to look at the whole design in relation to value and engineer the design to ensure our customers get more for their money. And it’s an approach which works – we’ve been doing it for 50 years.

If you are looking to achieve a beautiful architectural home while keeping your bank manager happy, you’re in the right place.

Consultants with real world industry experience
Our sales consultants aren’t traditional salespeople trained only in selling. Almost to a person, they are an experienced construction industry specialist in her / his own right. Using their combination of skills and experience, our team are equipped with the technical know-how to get you the best design possible within your budget. And yes, this genuine experience really makes a difference to what you can achieve with your money.

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