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Timeless Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. Discover why a home by Fraemohs is good for life.

When you think of Fraemohs you probably think of timber homes.

What you may not know is that Fraemohs offers two distinct types of homes

  • Timbermode

    Our architecturally-designed
    Timbermode homes
    Timbermode homes
    Timbermode is our take on a conventionally timber framed home, ie, what you see in 95% of residential construction.
    are modern and stylish. These homes are timber framed. We often use timber claddings, but you can choose from any BRANZ approved cladding. The interior walls are timber and gib to suit your taste.
  • Solid Timber

    Solid Timber
    Solid Timber
    Our solid timber system which uses interlocking timber boards that stack on top of one another to form the walls of your home. There is no separate framing, cladding, or lining in Solid Timber homes.
    homes have solid timber walls, so wood is the dominant feature both inside and out. These solid wood homes are what many people traditionally associate with Fraemohs. Solid Timber kitset homes are easy to build and very popular.


From our base just north of Christchurch, Fraemohs Homes manufactures and supplies
kitset homes
Kitset homes
We supply all the materials for your kitset home from the bottom plate up and deliver them to your site. If it's a Solid Timber kitset home the solid timber walls are manufactured in our Christchurch factory. This is a BYOB service ie 'Bring Your Own Builder'.
 to customers around New Zealand and overseas.
For our clients in Canterbury, we offer the option of a
complete build service
Complete build service
Fraemohs Homes will organise everything for you and build your new home, ready for you to move your furniture in and enjoy.
where Fraemohs manages the entire building process.
Fraemohs Homes supply kitset homes throughout the Pacific Islands
We are
Master Builders
Master Builders
Which means you are dealing with recognised professionals, and receive the Master Builders guarantee.
and have almost half a century of experience in creating homes designed specifically for New Zealand conditions, including resilience to earthquakes.

Earthquake Resistance

Our Solid Timber homes are earthquake resistant, and have performed exceptionally well in the Canterbury earthquakes of recent years. Learn more.


We use sustainably grown New Zealand plantation pine. Upon completion of a Fraemohs solid timber home, it is carbon negative. Learn more.


Meet all team members

Shirley Thomson

Sales Manager

[email protected]

021 891 123

Shirley is a qualified Architectural Designer. She loves working with clients from the start of their building project right up until they move into their completed new home.

Shirley lives in Selwyn with her husband, who also works in the construction industry.  They have three sons and one daughter-in-law. Outside of work, Shirley’s passion is exploring New Zealand in the family caravan and travelling overseas.


Our Fraemohs home nestles in rural land with a view of the Tasman Sea. She is a sturdy functional and compact dwelling. Living on site while our builders constructed her and with all additional tradespeople has given us a healthy respect for when design becomes structure, function finish and is eventually a home. Her exterior is painted in blue green tones. With Viridian tinted double glazing maximising warmth, sunlight and sea views. The interior has been painted with blonding to achieve a light airy feel and to enhance the beautiful wood grains of the Fraemohs timber. The insulation is incredible. Both cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter with the assistance of our Baby Metro fire. An economical inclusion due to the natural heat capacity of the house. Thank you Fraemohs for your input from the design process to completion. Our home is cosy comfortable, environmentally friendly and assures people of a truly relaxed place to escape and unwind.
Coral and Peter, Golden Bay

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