The Alpine Range

Large architecturally designed homes for alpine perspectives. Released in 2020, this is our finest range yet.



Limited designs, Fraemohs quality

We gave our architects carte blanche to put as much time and effort into designing the Alpine Range as they desired. Significant research was invested prior, to ensure the needs of our Alpine customers would be met. Comfort and convenience levels are singularly high.



Future proof design

Extra care was taken to ensure the homes can accommodate the wide range of changing circumstances a modern New Zealand family may encounter. Featuring, among many other things, large zimmer friendly spaces for the grandparents, distance between the master and kids’ bedrooms for added privacy, hidden nooks for a quiet glass of wine and oversized garages to house your modern toys all feature in homes of the Alpine Range. And smaller details which are too many to list. Ensuring your investment is one which can be enjoyed for generations to come without having to renovate, move, or change a thing.


Available in most parts of New Zealand

Unlike homes from our other ranges, we don’t typically offer those from the Alpine Range as a kitset. This is because of the complexity involved in building them, which is best managed by experienced builders trained specifically in their construction. Our growing national coverage through our franchise network however means you can get an Alpine Range home in most parts of New Zealand – including the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Tasman, Canterbury and Wanaka.


Timbermode Buyers Guide

Alpine Range homes are built in our ‘Timbermode’ style. To learn more about building in our Timbermode style, please download the free brochure.

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Designed for the good life

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