Homes designed for health

A timber home built by Fraemohs Homes is naturally warm and healthy, enhancing the health of those who live in it by promoting a warm, dry and relaxing indoor environment. We only use sustainably grown New Zealand timber, which supports local industry and avoids carbon miles associated with importing timber. Each felled tree is replaced by another. By the time your Solid Timber home is complete, it is carbon negative.

Cosy and warm

The air pockets which occur within the cellular structure of wood make it a very effective insulator. These natural properties of timber mean that it far out-performs other building materials such as bricks, steel or aluminium when it comes to its insulating properties. Cosy, warmer homes.

100% sustainable

Wood is a sustainable building material because it is a renewable resource, unlike concrete and steel. Fraemohs Homes use timber that has been grown sustainably in pine plantations here in New Zealand, on land that would otherwise be unproductive.

Good for the soul

People have been using timber to build their homes for thousands of years. Perhaps this is why timber is associated with feelings of warmth, comfort and relaxation. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, wood also performs well acoustically because it absorbs sound. This combination of properties makes a timber home an ideal haven to unwind from the stresses of modern life.


Having an energy efficient home is good for two reasons. Firstly it saves you money in heating and power bills. Secondly, using less energy is an important way to live more sustainably.

Fraemohs Homes build energy efficient homes which reduce heat loss by using more insulation than standard, and which enhance solar gain through our Scandinavian home design methods. For example, having large windows oriented to the sun and a concrete floor or solid timber walls that can act as a thermal mass helps our homes absorb heat and release it later. This reduces the need to use additional energy for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

The energy savings provided by solid timber construction depend on the climate and the design of the building but can be as much as 20%.

Carbon negative

Did you know that it takes two to three times more energy to manufacture steel beams than it does to make timber beams? Using locally-grown timber for building instead of other building materials is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Natural temperature and moisture control

Wood has the amazing property of being able to absorb moisture when the level of humidity inside a home is high. And then release moisture when the relative humidity is low. Building with solid timber is therefore a great way to help control moisture, and promote a healthy level of humidity in your home. 

Solid timber acts as a thermal mass, absorbing heat during the day and releasing it during the evening when the air temperature is lower. In this way solid timber promotes a more even temperature inside the home, providing both passive cooling and passive heating.

New Zealand’s ecological choice for a home

Fraemohs Homes stand out from the crowd when it comes to designing and building homes with sustainability front of mind.

Our homes are constructed using sustainably-grown New Zealand timber, which has natural insulating, temperature and humidity regulating properties.

Our homes are inspired by nature and we use materials and design principles which harness the power of nature to reduce energy usage and minimise the carbon footprint of the homes we create, so you can be comfortable with your choice now and in the future.

Health enhancing properties

The ability of solid timber to “breathe” makes it easier for those living inside the home to breathe. 

Studies have demonstrated that solid timber yields improved indoor air quality compared with homes with painted plasterboard walls. By promoting healthy humidity levels within a home, solid timber helps reduce the amount of dust, viruses and bacteria in the air, helping to reduce the incidence and severity of health problems such as asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. 

The natural antimicrobial properties of timber help guard against mould even in damp, humid climates.

Research has also indicated that natural wood interiors can help lower heart rates, blood pressure and stress levels plus enhance sleep quality.

Case study: Pegasus

With input from our clients we designed this modern home, which is located in Pegasus to the north of Christchurch. This home is perfect for entertaining guests as it features an impressive kitchen as well as superb indoor and outdoor flow. Read more..

“The reality though is that from start to finish the process was a breeze; Fraemohs designed the home we wanted at the price we could afford. Communication was really good the entire time – we always knew what was going on.  

– Sue, Pegasus

Case study: Governors Bay

Our client came to us with a house design, already drawn up by an architect. When their original builder pulled out of the project, they were left with house plans but no one to build them. We worked with our client to modify the plans such that their original architectural vision could be realised, at a price they could afford. Read more..

“The build process itself was flawless. Jason who managed the build from Fraemohs is fantastic, he’s an amazing guy. And the Fraemohs team is fantastic too; 10 out of 10 for the build by Fraemohs. 

– Mala, Governors Bay

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