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Fraemohs Homes offers a full range of architectural design options for your new home. Our ready-made kitsets and modern house plans are very versatile, and we can customise our existing designs to suit your needs. Or if you prefer we can start from scratch and design a completely unique home, just for you.

Our friendly, experienced consultants will help you pin down exactly what you require, and then work with you to design a home that you love.

A design that suits you and your site

Our design team will help you to decide on the total floor area, layout and number of rooms you require for your new home. This part of the process ensures that the end result will suit the needs of the people who will live or work in the resulting home or business.

The other critical part of the design process is tailoring the building design so that it maximises the features of the building site. This includes taking into account natural features such as established trees and the contours of your site, as well as making the most of the sun and the outlook.

A Fraemohs full-build home

An advantage of a Fraemohs full build home is that you have the opportunity to work with our experienced team of sales staff, designers, builders and tradespeople to create a home that is unique to you, incorporating the layout and style features that you prefer.

You will be involved throughout the entire process, from the initial meeting with one of our experienced consultants on site to discuss your design requirements, right through to completion of your new home. Our experienced colour consultant will guide you through the process of choosing all of the colours for your home’s interior and exterior. You will also meet with our kitchen designers to finalise your kitchen plans.



A Fraemohs kitset home

Kitset homes are a common way of building new homes in Scandinavia and many parts of mainland Europe. Fraemohs Homes has been manufacturing and supplying Danish-style kitset homes from locally-grown New Zealand timber for nearly 50 years, and we have continued to develop our kitset range to in line with international technology and trends.

Some of the main advantages of building with a kitset include a shorter build time and reduced labour costs. Our solid timber kitsets can be built by anyone who is physically fit and has a bit of a practical bent, while our Timbermode kitsets are more complex to build and require a qualified builder or someone with building experience to construct.

In many cases kitset homes come in a fixed design which you are unable to modify. But, because we manufacture our Fraemohs Homes kitsets locally ourselves we are able to work with you to design a fully customised kitset home to meet your specific requirements.


Case study: Lake Kaniere

If you’ve been to Lake Kaniere then you’ll be aware it’s a special place. Designing a home destined to be the focal point of family times for our client’s family now as well as generations to come was significant, and indeed special to us. Read the case study

“Others’ architectural plans were either too expensive or otherwise inappropriate… the ambience re the lake views and proximity to the water and future bush landscape have worked out just as intended.”

– Ian



Our technological capabilities enable better design

The Fraemohs Homes design team uses Building Information Modelling (BIM), which is an intelligent 3D modelling system which enables us to enhance the efficiency of our building designs in a range of ways.

Our precision cutting machinery ensures complete accuracy in the manufacture of our kitset designs.


Here to help with your design and building needs

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