‘Good for Life’ sums up what family team, Amy and Simon, love about Fraemohs Homes. Design and build in and around Tauranga/Bay of Plenty with the health of those who live in them, and the planet at the forefront of our mission. You can read more about Amy and Simon’s ethos of sustainable building in this recent article about them in UNO Magazine.

Building healthy homes has been central to Fraemohs’ M.O since Day 1, back in 1968. Monni Fraemohs brought with him from Denmark a deep understanding of not only the importance of living in a warm, dry and relaxing home. But equally the practical knowledge of how to create these wonderful living environments. In 1968 sustainable building, eco homes and climate change weren’t topics of discussion. But what we now call ‘sustainability’ was (and is) a fundamental element of Scandinavian design philosophy. Basically a recognition that the world we live in consists of complex, interconnected ecosystems we humans don’t fully understand. Fortunately for us, Monni and other proponents of Scandinavian design philosophy have long taken a highly thoughtful approach to construction – its inputs, outputs and externalities. Building a carbon negative home wasn’t a priority for home buyers back in 1968. But it is now, and if it isn’t, it should be. Simon and Amy love building homes, but recognise the importance of doing it responsibly and we’re thrilled to have them onboard in the pursuit of a more environmentally responsible building industry here in New Zealand.

Refining the art of building is a passion Simon lives and breathes. Learning the craft of building as a child alongside his grandfather, Simon went on to become a professional builder. He travelled the world, restoring and renovating in London, building residential and commercial jobs in Australia and project managing the new build of a luxury tourist lodge in the Canadian Rockies. He has also completed a vast portfolio of design and build projects in New Zealand, giving him a full 15 years experience in the construction industry.

Amy takes care of sales, marketing and client relations. She loves a process, being organised and understands the importance of great communication. Amy also owns local catering company Blank Canvas Catering where she has established a reputation for providing personable and professional service and a high quality product.

We have a range of homes designed to suit different lifestyles and budgets. Our home designs are able to be customised, or we can do a full architectural design and build. To get started, browse our range.


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