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Scandinavian homes

Scandinavian home design is timeless in its simplicity and style. Fraemohs Homes have been selling Scandinavian styled homes since 1968.

The company was founded by Danish-born Monni Fraemohs back in 1968. Monni saw the potential for using New Zealand’s plentiful timber resource. His vision was to create a Scandinavian home design, and Scandinavian kit homes that would suit the New Zealand environment and our lifestyle.

Characteristics of Scandinavian home design

Despite living in a region with some of the harshest winters in the world, Scandinavian home design has a reputation for being light, bright and warm.

Timber is used frequently in Scandinavian homes. It is used in flooring, on walls and in furniture. Wood adds warmth and cosiness to the interior of a home.

Scandinavian home design lets in the daylight as much as possible so feature large windows. There is a tendency for interior design to feature simple elegant blinds, rather than fussy drapes.

Neatness and tidiness are achieved using carefully planned storage areas within the family home.

Fraemohs applies all of the above principles to our homes. This means that whether you love classic Solid Timber log homes, or prefer building timber framed homes with modern styling, you will be getting a premium quality home that will stand the test of time.

Form and function

One of the key principles of Scandinavian home design is the relationship between form and function. Simplicity and elegance of form is the hallmark of Scandinavian design. This is interwoven with the necessity for the design to allow for effective and efficient performance of function. For this reason, Scandinavian design is associated with a premium quality product.

Scandinavian prefab homes commonly used in Europe and developed for Fraemohs Homes by Monni, is a perfect example of this focus on high quality with efficient production. As all the components of the walls are manufactured within our factory, we can ensure that everything is measured and made to fit together perfectly on site. This reduces the risk of human error compromising the end result. It also minimises wastage of materials. Scandinavian kit houses are also very quick to erect on site. Which speeds up the build process and saves a lot of the costs associated with maintaining a building site. Especially in remote locations where reducing build time is pivotal to keeping costs under control.


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