Architectural homes

We often find that people come to us because they want a home that is a little bit different to your usual “production line” home. Often these people have already engaged an architect to design their home and had consent plans drawn up. However, upon taking their plans to a builder, they have been horrified to find that the price to build their architect’s design is double or even triple their budget. This is an expensive exercise for the homeowner who ends up with some very costly plans for an architectural home that they can’t afford to build.

Architectural homes, realistic prices

Because architects tend to work independently and are not involved in the costing of the build, this scenario occurs more often than you may think. A staggering 80% of architectural home plans never actually get built, because the design ends up being unaffordable for the client.

At Fraemohs our architects design our homes in partnership with our technical and production personnel, to arrive at designs which have architectural merit, and can be produced at the agreed price. No moving of the goal posts. For customers looking for something even higher on the architectural scale, you can easily customise our homes by working with our architect. Our architect and design personnel will advise you on how to maximise efficiencies between our pre-existing modular designs and the materials used. To arrive at an architecturally designed home of exceptional quality, at a realistic price.

Case study: Governors Bay

Our client came to us with a house design, already drawn up by an architect. When their original builder pulled out of the project, they were left with house plans but no one to build them. We worked with our client to modify the plans such that their original architectural vision could be realised, at a price they could afford. Read more..

“The build process itself was flawless. Jason who managed the build from Fraemohs is fantastic, he’s an amazing guy. And the Fraemohs team is fantastic too; 10 out of 10 for the build by Fraemohs.

– Mala, Governors Bay