Christchurch is where Monni Fraemohs’s dream of building great homes out of New Zealand’s abundant renewable timber resources began. Innovation and sustainability were always at the core of Monni’s philosophy. An engineer immigrant from post WWII Denmark, he came equipped with a Scandinavian sensibility to human’s interaction with the natural environment. The timber homes he started building in 1968 were by today’s standards, simple. But many of those original homes are still being enjoyed today, a testament to the quality and durability inherent in his designs.

The Christchurch team observe Monni’s vision by continuing to innovate in ways which are respectful of the environment, the people in its employ, and of course its customers. Fraemohs may not be the biggest building company in New Zealand or even Christchurch, but ask anyone who has ever lived in a Fraemohs and you’re likely to hear happy stories of life in a warm healthy home of exceptional quality and comfort.

We are located at Kainga, near the Waimakariri overbridge. Onsite we always have our Christchurch show homes (more information further down this page), a team of exceptional new home consultants who bring genuine value to the home building process for people embarking on their new home build dream, our national management team and even our factory, where you can see close up the new homes and materials being produced and assembled. The Fraemohs location at Kainga is rich in history and holds a prominent place in Christchurch’s home building tapestry. We warmly invite you to come on down for a look.

If you would like to learn more about Fraemohs Homes and our team, you will find more information on our About Us page.