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If you are looking for a new home that looks and feels different but will still be welcome in any subdivision, Fraemohs Timbermode homes are a great choice. Timbermode is our take on a conventionally timber framed home, ie, what you see in 95% of residential construction.

For clients in range of any of our nationwide franchises, we can offer a full architectural design and build service, while clients elsewhere in New Zealand can choose from our architecturally-designed Timbermode flat pack homes and modify them if required.

Our Timbermode style of home includes homes from our Alpine and Fraemohs First ranges too.

Choose your cladding and your interior look

The foundation and roof of your Timbermode home is no different to a Fraemohs Solid Timber home. But the wall construction is different, with separate cladding, insulation and linings. Because of its construction, this style of home gives you the flexibility to have as much or as little timber as you like, both inside and out.

You can choose from any of the commercially available BRANZ approved claddings, or a combination of them. You can choose your insulation material, and even build your home using “passive” principles by increasing the framing size and putting additional insulation in the walls.


Optional timber

Timbermode homes have an optional timber match lining for the interior walls, and you can pick and choose which walls have this, if any. Timbermode is a great option for people who want timber in their home, but want to balance the timber look with conventional gib.

Superior, energy-efficient design

Our Timbermode homes are designed by an architect specialising in Australasian homes. These homes are designed to maximise sun and space and feature lots of glass. They are energy-efficient, with the concrete floor acting as a passive heat sink, absorbing heat and then releasing it. So you are effectively getting an architecturally-designed product without the cost of employing an architect yourself!

Featuring excellent Scandinavian-inspired design, our Timbermode homes offer you a conventional style home with far more character than your average brick box.


Timbermode Buyers Guide

To learn about what’s involved in building a Timbermode home, download our complete guide now.

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