Kitset homes

Fraemohs Homes has been designing and manufacturing Scandinavian style kitset homes in New Zealand for over 50 years. All featuring handcrafted sustainably grown New Zealand timber. For our first thirty years we were known for our range of Solid Timber flat pack homes; in fact this is all we did. Over the last two decades however we have updated our designs and materials to match the times, applying our knowledge of flat pack home assembly systems to kit homes which feature a range of different materials. Regardless of style or price, the main constant you can expect with any of our modular kit homes is quality.

Solid Timber self-build options

Our Solid Timber kitset homes are log cabin-style flat packs with solid timber walls. You can build these yourself if you are reasonably handy, and able to lift heavy pieces of timber. 

The walls of our Solid Timber kit homes are constructed of planks of laminated kiln-dried pine which interlock. This means they work in a similar way to that other famous Danish product, Lego! You don’t need any nails for the walls, just a sledgehammer to fit the pieces together. Each piece is numbered numerically and each wall is marked alphabetically. Laminated exposed roof beams fit neatly into pre-machined slots in the walls. The sloping ceilings in the living areas are made from solid pine sarking.

If you are not a builder we generally recommend that you get a specialist in to tackle the foundation, and roof construction.

You will need a registered plumber and electrician to do the plumbing, and electrical work in accordance with New Zealand legislation.


Self-build options for all other styles

All of our homes are available as kitsets. The models which are made of mixed materials are more complex to build and we would recommend engaging your local builder to assemble them. Read the next section about the ‘lock-up’ option for more information.



This is where we build the shell of your home, and hand it over to you to complete the interior and finish it off.

Lock-ups are a smart option for DIYers who want to contribute a significant amount of their own efforts toward building their new home, but would prefer full-time builders to handle all the really niggly stuff like the foundations, walls, roofs, windows and cladding.

As mentioned earlier in the page, some of our kit home designs which use mixed materials are more complicated to assemble than our Solid Timber kits (which are relatively simple), so opting for a lock-up package can be a good option to contribute your own labour to building one of our mixed material designer kit homes, and save a bunch of money in the process.

We will supply you with the essentials you need to complete your home – like your insulation and plasterboard. And choose from one of our kitchen and plumbing packages to make life even easier, or feel free to source your own. 

Balancing quality with affordability

The housing market has changed considerably over the last few decades. One of the notable effects has been the rise of building companies offering low-cost minimum quality cookie cutter houses on subdivisions. While we at Fraemohs recognise the appeal of this to a segment of the housing market, our position has always been to focus on the long-term, which means building homes that last. We don’t sell as many homes as we could with this approach, but we’d rather build fewer homes which last, than more which don’t.

A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into designing and building a home. Matching that time and effort with materials and design techniques which will ensure a home’s longevity is something we firmly believe in. It takes us a little more time and costs us a little more money to design and manufacture our kitset homes because of our attention to quality, which in turn means our clients pay a little more too. But that little bit extra paid in the short-term, makes for a longer lasting home and a far better living experience for you and your family overall.

Environmentally friendly

If a home uses timber, it’s important the timber is grown locally from sustainable forests. If the timber is grown overseas, the carbon miles used transporting the timber here for modular eco homes in New Zealand far outweigh any benefits to the environment. Even if the imported timber has been sustainably grown.

We have been using local, sustainably grown New Zealand timber since Monni Fraemohs founded our building company in 1968. Until then, New Zealand had largely been exporting its raw timber overseas for use in other markets, which Monni saw as both environmentally and economically wasteful. Time has proven him very right on both points.


Customise your design

Because we manufacture all flat pack homes in our factory, we can create pretty much any home or building you want. In fact most of the kit homes we sell are a custom design in full or in part. Over five decades we have created kitsets for a really wide range of uses…  alpine hotels, tropical hotels, villas, churches, chalets, family homes, cabins, creches, Olympic Games accommodation…. you name it. 

It can be more cost effective to buy straight from the plan, or to base your own design on one of our existing plans with a few modifications, because this saves us a lot of time and labour. But speak with one of our team about this; there is a good chance they’ll have recent examples of kit home build experiences similar to your own situation they can share with you, demonstrating the pros and cons of certain approaches.



Our standard flat pack homes prices cover the design of the home above the foundation. But we can also help make your build even more hassle-free by assisting with foundation design, and managing the building consent process on your behalf.

Kitset Buyers Guide

To learn about what’s involved in building a Fraemohs kitset home, download our complete guide now.

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All of our homes are available as a kitset. Buy from the plan and save, customise it to suit your needs or design it entirely from scratch!