Eco Homes

Sustainability is an important consideration these days when it comes to building and it is something that the team at Fraemohs take seriously.

All of our homes feature sustainably-grown New Zealand timber so you can rest easy that you are not promoting the destruction of forests on the other side of the world. Because our timber is all sourced locally this also means there are no carbon miles being accumulated transporting it across the oceans.

At Fraemohs Homes we use an Australian product called Vacsol Azure for treating our Original Timber homes. The wood is coated with special preservatives which protect it against decay and insects.  This product is an eco friendly timber treatment because it is non-metallic. Some other methods of treating wood involve the use of metal compounds and there have been some concerns about the health risks and impact on the environment from using such metal-based timber treatments.

In view of the health concerns surrounding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be released by paint, we choose to use Resene’s Zylone Sheen VOC Free paint in our homes.

Eco home builders NZ

Energy-efficient homes

A key aspect of sustainability and reducing our environmental impact is ensuring that our homes are as energy-efficient as possible. We achieve this by using more insulation than standard and by maximising solar gain through the design of our homes. For example, having large windows that are oriented to the sun and a concrete floor that can act as a thermal mass helps our homes absorb heat and release it later, reducing the need for additional heating.

We use LED lights as standard in every Fraemohs home we build as they last longer and use less energy to run, saving you money on future power bills.

At Fraemohs we believe in choosing quality fittings that will last, rather than cheap, poorly-made items that will rapidly deteriorate. Where possible we use New Zealand-made products to reduce the carbon footprint of the home.

We have two unique and distinct range of eco homes. To view the Original Timber range, click here. And to view the Timbermode range, click here.