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Launched in 2020, we had lots of fun designing our latest range of transportable homes for the New Zealand market. Loaded with neat features, we’ve worked hard to design a range of relocatable modular homes for people who appreciate good indoor-outdoor flow, comfort and energy efficiency. Ideal as a secondary dwelling for those looking to downsize, or looking to subdivide an existing property. Made from 100% sustainably grown New Zealand timber, and assembled right here in our Christchurch factory – living sustainably and affordably just got a whole lot easier.

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Benefits of transportable homes


Assembled using Fraemohs’ unique interlocking timber method, these relocatable homes offer all the benefits of a home from our Solid Timber range. So being naturally warm, dry and healthy is just the beginning. Our transportables are extremely low maintenance, earthquake proof and environmentally friendly.

And they’re affordable. Because they are built in our all weather factory, efficiencies are made in the construction process. The earthworks can be completed concurrently with the home’s construction, reducing the build time by several weeks. Travel to and from the building site by the builders is slashed – particularly beneficial for our rural clients or anyone wanting to build in an isolated area. And feel free to build anytime of the year, regardless of season because there’s seldom a weather related delay in the construction of transportable homes.

Even the banks see the cost benefits of living in a prebuilt relocatable home! Check out Westpac’s Prebuilt home loan option which recognises the reduced costs of building a modular home with low deposit loans.

For more information on the benefits and pricing of a transportable home, scroll down to the ‘Transportable homes pricing’ section on this page


Our range of transportable homes

Traditional or contemporary. One bedroom and two bedroom options. Whether it’s a sleek Scandinavian style log home you’re after, or something more traditional like a New Zealand farm style cottage. We are New Zealand’s original Scandinavian kitset home manufacturer with over 50 years of experience delivering warm and healthy homes.

Some of the homes include variations on the design. So if there’s something you want done a little differently, be sure to check the plan carefully because you might just find there’s a design variation which is right for you.


Transportable homes pricing

Competitively priced, but not the cheapest on the market either. Like all of our homes, we have designed them to be affordable, but not at the expense of quality. To realise the value of our homes we certainly encourage you to consider factors beyond the initial price tag;

  • Natural warmth and insulation – which should reduce your power bills by ~20% in the winter
  • Resistance to earthquakes – which might save you the cost of an entire new home or significant repairs should another one strike, not to mention the upheaval and interruption to your life associated with rebuilding
  • Low cost of maintenance – because our Solid Timber homes are made of a single material – timber – which is incredibly durable and hard to damage
  • Health benefits – because our Solid Timber homes naturally regulate humidity – that is to say, they absorb moisture when it’s humid, and release it when it is dry
  • Longevity – simply put our Solid Timber homes last for ages, and ages. You’ll find our homes dating back to the 1960s strewn all around New Zealand and throughout the South Pacific which are set to serve their owners for many decades to come (and add to that, our technology has vastly improved since the 1960s, so our homes are even better now on pretty much any criteria)
  • Environmentally friendly – we build our transportable homes with sustainably grown New Zealand timber. Once built, our transportables are actually carbon negative. We were building environmentally friendly homes long before it became a trend; responsibly managing our impact on the environment was central to Monni Fraemohs’ philosophy and informs everything we do to this day
  • Easy – whether you buy as a transportable (delivered to your property) or knock it up as a kitset, our interlocking timber design is very easy to assemble. In recent years we have worked hard to improve the fluidity of assembling our homes which includes improved systems from our factory to the customer, and instructional videos available on YouTube which can be viewed in real time whenever you need a hand

Prices are available on our website. Simply select your preferred plan here and click ‘Get a quote’. Based on your location we will typically send you through pricing information within 15-30 minutes.

Commonly asked questions about transportable homes

Do you deliver transportable homes to the North Island?

For North Island customers we will send your transportable as a kitset, for yourself or your builder of choice to assemble. Get in touch with one of our North Island franchises to discuss a kitset option.

Do you have a display transportable we can visit?

Yes. We typically have several transportable homes at our locations around the country open to the public at anytime. We also often take them to Field Days whenever they are on.

Are your transportable homes suitable as a second dwelling on a rural property?

Yes, absolutely. Our timber homes have long been a favourite with rural customers for various reasons, including their warmth, being low maintenance (because they’re made of a single material – timber), earthquake resistance, and being easy to assemble / set up.

How quickly can I get a transportable home delivered?

Depending on which plan you select, our transportable homes typically arrive in 10 – 14 weeks.

Can I change the plan?

Unfortunately, we do not allow changes to our transportable range

What are the transport costs?

For a quotation on the cost of transporting your transportable home to its destination, simply provide us with your site address and we will provide you with a quote.

Does the price include installation and connection of services?

Your connection of services are site specific so no, the price does not include the cost of connections made by your plumber or electrician etc.

Solid Timber Buyers Guide

To learn about what’s involved in building a home, download our complete guide now.

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