What Makes Fraemohs Homes Different?

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Oct 25, 2023
Solid Timber Home Exterier

To help streamline your research and decision-making process, we’ve compiled a few aspects that we believe make Fraemohs Homes stand out.

What Makes Fraemohs Homes Different?

Choosing the right builder is a pivotal decision for anyone planning to construct their future home. With numerous factors to consider in building your dream residence, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. The key to finding the perfect builder is aligning their offerings with your home preferences, but understanding exactly what they provide can sometimes be challenging.

To help streamline your research and decision-making process, we’ve compiled a few aspects that we believe make Fraemohs Homes stand out.

1: The Fraemohs Homes Materials: Sustainable Timber

We take pride in our tradition of building timber homes in New Zealand since 1968. Our founder, Monni Fraemohs, brought with him from Denmark a passion for solid timber home construction in the log home style. Since then, we’ve constructed thousands of homes, using either sustainably sourced timber throughout or opting for timber framing over aluminium/steel.

Building with Timber: Warmth & Health

We firmly believe in timber’s ability to create naturally warm and healthy homes. This is evident through timber’s natural antimicrobial properties, which control moisture levels, preventing mold and dampness. Additionally, timber provides excellent insulation due to its natural cellular structure, featuring air pockets. This often makes it the warmest building material compared to bricks, steel, and aluminium.

Timber’s natural capacity to act as a thermal mass—absorbing heat during the day and releasing it during the evening—promotes a more consistent temperature inside the home, offering both passive cooling and heating. This ultimately reduces energy consumption by harnessing timber’s natural insulating and moisture-controlling properties.

Building with Timber: Sustainability

Furthermore, our commitment to building with timber aligns with our core value of sustainability. Timber stands out as an outstanding sustainable material because it is a renewable resource. At Fraemohs Homes, we utilise local and sustainably grown pine plantations here in New Zealand, effectively using land that would otherwise remain unproductive. By choosing timber, we contribute to reducing carbon emissions, which are prominent in the manufacturing of alternative materials, making timber homes a carbon-negative choice.

Scandinavian Interior Design

2: The Fraemohs Homes Design Philosophy: Scandinavian Design

The second distinguishing feature of Fraemohs Homes is our commitment to following the Scandinavian design philosophy, aimed at creating warm and timeless homes.

This style is renowned for its simplicity, beauty, and functionality. Fraemohs Homes combines Scandinavian design with timber materials, resulting in a light, warm, and cosy atmosphere in each of our homes.

This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also generates positive psychological benefits for its residents. Ultimately, a guiding principle of Scandinavian design is to establish harmony with one’s environment and to create a home that lasts.

We offer a selection of more than 30 Scandinavian home designs to choose from. These designs include full-timber builds and timber-framed homes that are completely customisable, all of which are carefully crafted to maximise the beauty and functionality of your home.


3: The Fraemohs Homes Building Process: #TheFraemohsWay

At Fraemohs Homes, we’re not just in the business of constructing houses; we’re dedicated to creating lifelong homes filled with cherished moments and memories. With over 55 years of experience and the assurance of our Master Builder Guarantee, we understand the significance of crafting enduring homes.

Our journey began with the vision of our founder, Monni Fraemohs, who drew inspiration from his Danish heritage and engineering expertise to pioneer the concept of kitset homes made from solid timber. Monni’s passion for sustainable timber construction in New Zealand stemmed from his desire to protect the environment and preserve the Kiwi way of life for generations to come.

Though Monni has since moved on, Fraemohs Homes remains locally owned and steadfast in upholding his founding principles: a commitment to excellence in design, unwavering dedication to quality, and, most importantly, helping our customers fall in love with their homes.

From the initial design phase through to construction, we are with you every step of the way. Going above and beyond, we prioritize collaborative personalisation in the process, ensuring the inclusion of essentials such as quality carpets and premium fittings and appliances that are often treated as ‘additional costs’ elsewhere.

Ultimately, we work to provide you a peace of mind when it comes to the construction and quality of your home. With our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovation, we ensure that your dream home becomes a reality, built to the highest standards of excellence. Choose #TheFraemohsWay and embark on a journey where quality, comfort, and sustainability converge, creating a home that you can cherish for generations to come.

Have we ticked all your boxes? Contact us here to begin your #FraemohsHomes journey.

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