Case study – Hanmer

A home on a hill

For Kaikoura farmer Paula, her journey began at the crossroads of whether to even build at all. She and her husband had been planning to build in Hanmer for some time but his passing left her with the serious decision of whether to proceed alone.



“We knew Fraemohs’ were warm because my husband and I bought one three years ago in Hanmer and liked it a lot. We’d been renting it out on Hanmer Holiday Homes and it was really popular because it’s so warm; I still rent it out. My husband and I were planning on retiring in Hanmer but when he died I nearly didn’t follow through. I’m really glad I did though.”

– Paula, Hanmer



In the Fraemohs Family

Paula kindly offered her own early model Fraemohs holiday home up to the builders working on her project, and was amused to learn that one of them had actually built it some 30 years ago. Sleeping 8, it’s still in good knick and is plenty warm of course. You can see Paula’s classic holiday home here.




Paula stuck pretty closely to the original ‘Manapouri’ design. Both she and her husband had visited the ‘Manapouri’ show home at our head office in Christchurch and were well familiar with the layout.

Aware that it can be built in two pods, she opted to have both constructed instead of just the one. Modifications for her meant aligning the roof a little in case of heavy snowfall, widening the verandah a little, adding a second smaller verandah and some nice stonework on the front exterior.




Earthquake preparedness

Paula opted to forgo stone work inside around the fireplace having experienced an earthquake first hand.

“Our old house was condemned after the earthquakes here and I don’t want to risk falling stonework or a collapsed chimney, so I stuck with timber only on the inside. I’ve been told as well it’s easier getting home insurance when building with timber.”



She now has the option to rent her new home in Hanmer out to holiday goers, but for the time being is enjoying being able to spend quality time there with her friends and family.

Paula’s advice to anyone thinking of building new home

When asked what advice she’d offer anyone thinking of building a new home, we were of course thrilled to hear that she’d refer them straight to us. Additionally though, she quite simply said she’d suggest leaving the building partner to get on with their job as she did. Paula’s trust certainly was appreciated from our end, though we must stress that the reason her trust was well placed is because of the people involved in the project, and the systems and processes gained over decades backing them up. Jason our Project Manager for instance did a great job as usual, Carl the sales consultant who worked with Paula in the early stages of the project, Anne our interiors consultant, our builders and subbies. Seldom mentioned in a successful build but really providing the foundation which enables our wonderful people to do what they do so well are all those people behind the scenes like our office staff, factory workers and management. Building a house is complicated and requires many people with varied skillsets all working together with the same purpose. It takes a long time to develop the right systems and people to consistently build great homes.


Visit the ‘Manapouri’ show home in Christchurch

Located onsite of our head office at 1200 Main North Rd, Christchurch, come see first hand what it’s like to be inside this very home. Experience for yourself the different feeling being inside a true New Zealand timber home, the air quality and warmth. Visit the ‘Manapouri’ show home web page here.


Solid Timber

This is a modified version of our ‘Manapouri’ design. Designed and built by Fraemohs with slight modifications made at the owner’s request.


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