Fraemohs First

The Fraemohs First range is our most affordable range of homes. Designed in a comparable style to homes from our Timbermode and Alpine ranges, we have focussed on balancing comfort and style, with a little more emphasis on reducing cost. To do this we have opted for less expensive materials in areas which don’t affect the comfort too much – like cladding. So for new home buyers who value comfort and quality but are conscious of price, Fraemohs First could well be a good option. Our hope is that experiencing life in one of our homes will mean when you’re ready to upgrade to something new, we will be your first choice. How’s that for clever marketing?

Quality first, with a range of options to suit your lifestyle

Quality is central to everything Fraemohs do. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is hard to argue with quality. And quality is the starting point for Fraemohs First. Beyond quality, there are plenteous choices and customisations available. Similar to homes from our Timbermode range, you have the option to choose your cladding and interior look. From any commercially available BRANZ approved claddings, or a combination. Choose your insulation material, and even build your home using “passive” principles by increasing the framing size and putting additional insulation in the walls.

Optional timber match lining for the interior walls is available, and you can pick and choose which walls have this, if any. This suits people who want timber in their home, but want to balance the timber look with conventional plasterboard.


Creating value and efficiency through thoughtful design

We think that everyone should be able to access the materials which make it easy and affordable to build an environmentally responsible home. The reality is that as of now, the cost of building a truly ‘sustainable’ home using modern man-made materials is cost prohibitive to most.

But when you focus on the design, it’s amazing how much less dependent a home becomes on man-made sources of energy. Thoughtfully positioned windows flood visually appealing concrete floors with sunlight, which act as repositories and distributors of the sun’s natural heat. Feature timber helps to regulate the temperature and humidity through its natural way of storing and distributing both heat and humidity. Intelligent design means homes from the Fraemohs First range are extremely good buying – they’re priced a little higher than most entry level homes, but the gap in quality is profound.


Full build or kitset

Homes from our Fraemohs First range are available nationwide and even overseas. That’s because as well as building the homes in their entirety for customers in the regions of our branches, we also supply customers outside of our catchment areas with a kitset version of the home. Kitset customers are then able to have a builder of their own choosing assemble the home for them.


Timbermode Buyers Guide

To learn about what’s involved in building a Timbermode ‘Fraemohs First’ home, download our complete guide now.

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Thoughtfully designed homes of exceptional quality

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