Eco Kitset Homes & Log Cabins

Eco Kitset Homes Made From NZ Timber

We’ve been helping New Zealanders into well-priced, well-appointed, durable eco kitset homes since 1968. Many of our customers are people who see the value in our kit homes and prefer to ‘run the job’ themselves, taking on all the responsibility of building a new home from scratch. Contracting ‘subbies’ or completing the home themselves.

The Fraemohs kitset home construction method is based on the Scandinavian log cabin principle. Which includes kiln dried laminated pinus radiate wall planks interlocking to provide unique strength – without a single nail.  Only the roof and floor call for nails in their construction. The walls in a Fraemohs kitset home are constructed from horizontally placed interlocking timbers. Each piece is numbered numerically and each wall is marked alphabetically. Laminated exposed roof beams fit neatly into pre machined slots in the walls, and the sloping ceilings are made from tongue and groove precut boards.  Every kit house is cut to order in our factory in Christchurch.  Our eco kitset homes come with a basic toolkit. The main tool you will need is a sledge hammer to fit the pieces together. It’s just big wooden Lego.

To see some of our standard kitset home plans and kitset home prices, visit our house plans page. Or to speak with a kitset home specialist about your custom project, contact us here.