Granny Flats, Chalets & Tiny Homes

Many people are now realising that they do not need or want a large space to live in. Large houses are more expensive to build, cost more to furnish and to heat and take longer to clean! A granny flat, chalet or tiny home however can be affordable, easy to maintain and provide a truly sustainable approach to living.


At Fraemohs Homes we find that customers are looking for small dwellings for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the common reasons for wanting to build a tiny house are:

  • For a granny flat or sleep-out to accommodate older relatives or teenagers;
  • As a chalet for hotel or motel accommodation
  • To use as a home office;
  • To rent out to earn extra income;
  • For a holiday home or bach; and
  • As a starter home on a lifestyle block.

We have a number of very clever tiny house designs available in our Solid Timber range which are ideally suited to all of these uses. While all of our homes are built on site, not pre-fabricated, there is potential to relocate your dwelling to another site if you wish to do this in the future. So for example, your granny flat or chalet could become a bach later down the track.


Granny flats NZ, earthquake proof granny flat

Clever design to make the most of a small space

We adhere to Scandinavian architectural principles to design our house plans to make the most of every centimetre of space. For example,  the Karamea manages to include 2 bedrooms, a modern kitchen and open plan living area, plenty of storage space and a separate, easily-accessed laundry, all in an area of under 65m2!

Working in with local Council requirements

A floor area of just under 65m2 complies with the district plan requirements of many local Councils for minor dwellings or family flats, including those in the greater Christchurch area. As requirements vary around New Zealand, your local Council will be able to advise you of the specific requirements that apply in your area, or we are happy to assist you with this research, and help you develop a floor plan to suit.

Other tiny house options we have available include the Little Owl which has one-bedroom and a floor area of 44m2 and the even smaller Minni Monni.

Tiny house

The Minni Monni

Tiny house NZ

Floor plan for the Karamea

The tiniest house of all

The Minni Monni, named after Monni Fraemohs who started the company, is just under 10sqm and does not require a building consent.  The Minni Monni has a mezzanine floor that offers storage space or maybe a sleeping area. The Minni Monni does not require a Building Consent as it is under 10sqm so as long as you comply with the Council District Plan you can build it without all the paperwork. You can use the Minni Monni as an office space or teenager’s sleep-out with room for a sitting area. It’s amazing what you can fit in just under 10sqm.

All homes in our Original Timber range are earthquake resistant, and have performed exceptionally well during both the Christchurch earthquakes and the more recent Kaikoura earthquakes. To learn more, visit out Earthquake Resistant Homes page.

You can view some of our tiny house plans by visiting our Solid Timber house plans page.